Updated January 2023


This policy explains how I collect and handle any information you give me under the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) as well as the UK’s GDPR rules post-Brexit. Let’s keep things simple.

I love my privacy. And I want you to keep yours too. I only ask for the information I need to do my work, and I always keep everything you share with me confidential. I’ll never use your personal information for anything other than the original reason you gave it, and I’ll never give anyone access to it unless required by law.

How is your information collected?

I ask for your contact information on my website so that I can reply to your enquiry.

There are minimal tracking cookies on this site. I keep an eye on my website’s performance using Fathom: a privately owned, privacy-focused and GDPR-compliant analytics platform.

My Substack sign-up asks for your email address. The tracking data usage is monitored and controlled by Substack, which does track open rates and subscribe/unsubscribe clicks.

What information is held?

When you contact me through the form on my website, I collect your name and email address.

If we work together:

  • I collect your name, email address, phone number, and address for billing purposes.
  • I keep copies of any contracts and non-disclosure agreements.
  • I keep records of the invoices I send you and the payments you make. I do not have access to your bank details.
  • I keep copies of briefing documents and any work I create on your behalf. Sensitive documents will be deleted upon request.

Where is your information stored?

When you contact me by email or through my website, I store your information in Google Mail and Google Docs.

If you do business with me, I store your information in Google Docs.

What is your information used for?

Your information is used to facilitate our work together, from project enquiry through to invoicing and project completion. I may occasionally send a personal email to tell you about new services or offers. To be excluded from these emails just let me know.

Who is responsible for your information?

Me! You can get in touch with me with questions, concerns or requests at any time.

Who has access to your information?

Only me.

How I keep your information private

When I store your information using third-party services, I am the only person with access to that service.

I store all passwords securely. The devices I use are protected by a password.

How to complain

I take all feedback and complaints seriously. If you’d like to complain about my handling of your data or privacy, please get in touch by email at

Changes to the policy

If I change the contents of this policy, those changes will become effective the moment they are published.

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