Playing at
the edge

I’m Becca, a brand strategist and writer with over ten years’ experience in building brands that make you feel, think, and reach for your wallet.

My work dances on the knife edge between commercial effectiveness and creative cheek. Brands that take your business in the the right direction, raising eyebrows and grins along the way. A brand your people just get. A brand you feel in your bones.

To do that, I work closely with you to set the right strategic direction, then collaborate with designers, marketers, developers and other creative professionals to build a brand that feels right for you.

Whether you’re starting a new venture, launching a new product, or refreshing your current offering, chat to me at the start. Together, we’ll chart a surprising way through. It won’t be easy. It will always be interesting.

Ideas that dance
on the edge

Understanding culture is vital to brand positioning. Join me on my new substack, Out There, as I delve into the cultural wilds to explore new ideas, communities and movements at the edge. Promises to be weird, entertaining, and a bit out there. Released monthly.



We can do better than this.

The way things are, is not the way things need to be. We can do better than our status quo. Together, we can build a more positive and inclusive future that raises everyone up. My skills are in brand building through thinking and words, and so that is what I come to you with. Let’s build a better future together, by building better businesses now.


Building a more positive, inclusive and equitable future

In our current system, businesses are the engines of change. With governments relinquishing responsibility for providing a basic standard of living, organisations are stepping in to fill the gaps. To build a more positive, inclusive and equitable future, we need businesses to innovate with accessible products and services that meet people’s real needs. Products which are useful and accessible, brands which are empowering and joyful. Businesses that drive meaningful change on an individual and societal level. 


Building companies for real people

Brand can be a powerful vehicle of communication, expression, profit, cultural and social change. When you harness it properly. I’m here to help businesses build brands to serve real people, to be useful to them, to meet their needs, to empower them to do more. Brands that bring people together, that honour their communities, that understand, meet and represent their needs, that advocate for the change their people need in society. Brands with power. Brands you feel in your bones. Really fucking good brands, made for the people, by real people. 


Building brands that play at the edge

The most effective and memorable creative comes when you play at the edge. A brand strategy that takes you to an unexpected, uncontested space within your market, elevating what you do well, giving you a sharper competitive advantage. Creative that is intelligent, playful, surprising, that subverts with unexpected twists that make people sit up and take notice. To make change happen, you have to challenge the norms and deviate from them. You have to go further, push harder, take more risks to make your point. Do it right, and you’ll stand out in all the right ways.

Becca goes all in – approaching our brand intelligently, skilfully guiding our whole team through with care and ease. She was quick to get to the essence of our company, unravelling our brand story, packaging it in a way people can understand. The whole process has been smooth from start to finish, delivering everything expected and more. She’s a real pro – so much so we’re doing our second brand with her and can’t wait.
Naomi Bottril, Co-Director of Love Language

Weaving new
worlds together

Consider this your call to adventure.

Step towards the unknown. Embrace the process. Together, we’ll build a brand that sticks in the mind, cuts to the heart and the right people feel in their bones.