Common questions.
Quick answers.

Do you have capacity right now?

For full branding projects, I typically get booked up 1-2 months in advance. For small businesses looking to explore branding challenges without committing to a full project, I’ve opened up one hour consultancy slots once a month. Get the input you need, without the wait. If you’ve a larger project in mind, get in touch to discuss further.

How much do you charge?

I work on a price-per-project basis, keeping the scope of work practical for your budget and goals. With that being said, if you’re looking to do a full brand creation or rebrand with visual and verbal identity, my minimum budget is £5K for brand positioning and strategic consultancy throughout. For agencies, my minimum day rate is £550.

I need advice on my brand, can you help?

I certainly can. Soon, I'll be offering one-hour consultancy slots to explore branding challenges with startups and small businesses. They’re a space to explore how you can use your brand to reach your goals, get feedback on what you’re currently doing, and advice on how to use your current brand in a more effective way. Launching Feb 2023.

I need tone of voice for my brand, can you help?

I offer verbal identity creation and development, which is similar to tone of voice with a rigorous, strategic focus on brand building. I play with language to find new ways to express the core ideas of your brand, often working with designers to create messaging that complements your visual identity. I then take that messaging and create a full tone of voice toolkit, with brand narrative, key messaging, and guidelines if needed.

I just want some copywriting, can you help?

I now focus on brand strategy, strategic consultancy and developing verbal identity for brands. If you’re enquiring about copywriting for a specific deliverable i.e. your website or marketing collateral, and we haven’t worked together on strategy, I’ll happily refer you onto my network of brilliant freelance copywriters.

What's great about Becca is that she really, really cares about every project she undertakes, thinking deeply about everything to really get under the skin of what the client needs. She understands that the right strategy approach and copy can be genuinely transformative and takes the time to craft narratives that are both practical and inspiring.
Alice Walker, Verbal Strategy Director, Koto London

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